So today we are reviewing which we have at the top of our list of “Binary Options Auto-Trade Copier Services” we recommend. The reasons why are many indeed. Mainly is their level of transparency is #1 due to how their technology and platform work by taking price executions directly from the broker. Not from a theoretical price feed as some services do. This gives greater confidence in reviewing traders statistics without there being any confusion. Another key feature of Trade4.Me are the myriad of ways to view trader statistics. Add this to the ease of use of their platform and you have the best binary options auto-trade copier available today. One major note to add that if you are from the U.S. you currently will be unable to use their service for auto-trade copying. In the future they are looking to add Markets World to the platform which does currently take most U.S. clients. We hope they are able to add them as over 50% of the binary options market are U.S. based residents. Watch the video below to gain a better understanding of and how it works.

As we see in the above video TRADE4.ME offers such a robust and transparent way to view Binary Options Signal Providers that we could write a whole article on that alone! For the sake of keeping this short and sweet we will save that for another time. One thing I have noticed that has really impressed me is not only how easy it is to use but rather that it WORKS FLAWLESSLY! I have never seen another service not have any hiccups with a high number of trade executions. Binary Option trades through’s API or their WEBTRADER has yet to ever fail us. This is beyond impressive to me. I can break a service even a broker in no time just by the power of my finger alone and have done so to show the flaws of second rates social trade copiers and even brokers. Not with TRADE4.ME, this works flawlessly. I mark the key points of TRADE4.ME below, though really if you looking for a trade copier service to passively generate income off talented traders well then TRADE4ME is you go to platform!

100% Transparent Signal Executions through the broker directly.

Easy to setup and use

A myriad of ways to view Signal Provider statistics

Flawless trade executions and platform uptime

A large market place of Signal Providers to choose from


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