The Big “The Binary Nerd” Scam


It is funny how successful traders seem to annoy unsuccessful marketers. We at The Binary Nerd learned it the hard way, how haters trying to spread their poison all over the web. Is there really a big The Binary Nerd Scam happening? And that from a well known guy that is known for having always aggressively fought binary options scam? We will research that in a while.

Please imagine this scenario first: There is a good and profitable trader. He is even making a living out of it. People want to copy the tactics and want to be able to live the dream as well. At the same time, the trader sees how many binary options scam services, signals, brokers and whatever are on the market, mostly due to the high comissions the industry is paying them. The trader starts a war on them, outs them, speaks his mind. New enemies are popping everywhere as it hurts their business.  Some of them are more ridiculous and entertaining, some are more serious guys. The trader starts an online business as The Binary Nerd to teach his methods and to let people copy some of his trades. Impersonators try to take over the online identity in forums and blogs and spreads hate in the name of The Binary Nerd (even racist comments, which is nuts – inside we all are pink, right?). The impersonator even tries to fire on the competition with our friends from Signal Hive, which we officially recommend, just to create an atmosphere of tension and hate.

Our impersonator in action, spreading unacceptable hate speech in forums in our name. Source:

Well, we just don’t care – we are in contact with other businesses and clear things up easily. What is leftover though, is the customer which is searching for unbiased informations about The Binary Nerd and gets a wrong impression, heck – even gets the impression that The Binary Nerd is a scam!

So let’s adress a few blog posts that have appeared recently in the interwebz. Funny thing is that there are always some Indian facebook users, coming suddenly out of the blue, “promoting” this blog posts on our facebook page (Note: Indians are often used for cheap “online marketing” jobs, hired on websites like fiverr or microworkers). Here is one of the comments as an example:

Oh of course we get tons of nice emails, too. Like from a very honest “SCAM Warning” website, which seems to have only the best intentions, like “informing” us about their review:

Oh yes, we have nice days – with or without your posts, but we don’t want to let interested customers sit in the dark, so let’s adress the fake new.. erm “facts” he shows on his website that wants to “protect traders from Binary Options Scams” (but sends them to scam brokers like High Low *cough*). Here is the URL to the original post of the BIG THE BINARY NERD SCAM by the site with the very unspammy appearing and serious website domain

The Big Binary Nerd Scam Part 1 – Exposed

John Novak - Voice Actor and Binary Options Scam Exposer

Let’s tackle all the things in this handcrafted post from almost poetic quality and see what we are doing, to be a scam. The writer has artistic talent, his name: “John Novak” – If he isn’t currently exposing binary options scams in the internet and sends his website visitors to brokers with great reputation like High Low, he is a successful voice actor, known from great movies like Wishmaster 3, Ninjago: The Master of Spinjizu and more epic classics from tomorrow (Source: Wikipedia).

Just to be sure, here is a screenshot of the post we are adressing – things often change suddently in the internet, so we want to have things handy.

Here are his charges against The Binary Nerd and why it is a scam:

1 – Not regulated – The Binary Nerd is an anonymous person that has no licence whatsoever

OK, this is a nuts point, pulled out of the blue. Show us ONE signal provider that has a license to provide signals? Any? No?  John, Signal Providers are not brokers – those need to be regulated and licensed. So this shall be a sign that The Binary is a scam? Following the logic ALL signal providers are a scam. No point here for you – you just proofed that you judge other people by half-assed knowledge.  Someone could think you pull this to initiate a negative reputation campaign…

2 – Tied with – This is very suspicious and it means that these services are not independent, you cannot choose where you will trade.

Yap, that is true. Why is it like that? Because are the only broker that is accessible per API, has most of the assets available you will ever need, has free expiry times, fast withdrawals and is used by Trade4.Me which we use to be TRANSPARENT – as a third party logs all our trades and shows them in an unaltered way (actually something that makes The Binary Nerd not a scam…).  But hey, an authority site like “” should be able to come up with alternatives!? You know the best brokers? Show us one with an API and characteristics like! Show it to us, just to proof that it is not only a fake argument to blind out your readers and give us a negative reputation. We are waiting eagerly for your reply, John!

3 – Strange chain of services you have to get

Funky as it gets, John thinks it is suspicious that we recommend you a broker to getting your prices on MT4. Here is the quote:

Normally a social trading platform automatically executes the trades on your account. But The Binary Nerd wants you to sign for other services like a VPS and you have to pay for it. Then you also have to sign up with a specific forex broker to get Metatrader.

It is a strange chain of services that is hard to understand. Binary options trading doesn’t have to be complicated as this.

Using Metatrader for technical analysis can be useful, but then you can get it anywhere, for example directly from Metaquotes, you don’t have to get it from a specific broker.

You don’t have to signup with this specific broker, we just recommend them because of having a demo account for you to trade binary options directly from MT4 platform once you practice it (by the way “” doesn’t know that CLM is also a binary options broker?*cringe*).  If you would have done your research just a bit better (like with reading what our site says) we recommend this for the part where we teach trading. MT4 is not only useful, but also crucial for the most traders to analyze the markets and seriously learn trading the markets plus having here the ability to trade the learning trades on demo directly on the plattform.

I get some doubts in your expertise, John. But hey, what do we know, we are just The Binary Nerd Scam.

4They should let you verify the signals on an independent demo account with a regulated broker and not force you to sign up with certain companies.

Ok, this is now really the most ridiculous point of all, where John Novak did not do his homework properly (or it became too hard for the content writer to pull more nonsense out of his butt). Everyone who is a bit into trading and tried out knows you have a virtual account and a financial account. You can switch them by the click of a button. For the virtual account you can create the API key the same way like with your real account and use our signals with DEMO first to proof that they will do good for you.  So wtf talking you ’bout, John? You can get more info in our review, which – just by the way – has no affiliate link, othe than the reviews on your site, which do have actually, John. The Binary Nerd Scam surely is the less reliable source without the affiliate link…

We can see, that was a great reliable article and this – site is a good resource full of trustable wisdom. But what about the next site we found that aimed to damage our reputation?

The Big Binary Nerd Scam Part 2 – Exposed

Sarah Lawson in  the trailer for “Three Steps in the Dark” (1953) [Public domain]
As the haters get never tired, we had another one who paid a clueless content writer and published a review about the Big Binary Nerd Scam on the website Get ready for a good belly laugh as this one is really ridiculous! This time we have “Sarah Lawson” as author, and another time it is the name of an actress. Oh boy, can’t you even think of an own pen name? However, just to expose The Binary Nerd Scam, we will go over that funny stuff that can be found here:

Firstable we took a screenshot, so the piece of akwardness can be acessed also in the future unaltered:

I would have to quote each sentence by its own, such much failure is in it, so I take the whole block:

But before you get tempted to sign up with this app we suggest that you read our The Binary Nerd review first. We have created this review to warn traders and show how ridiculous this program is. Before we discuss the evidences we would like to discuss first how this system works. In their you will see a part there that will introduce the system and how it works.

Jesus, no – guys if you ever come across an app that pretends to come from us, don’t go for it, as we don’t have one! So this is the single correct advice you get in this piece. The article keeps on talking about our app, so one can see the depth of their research.

According to them the software studies the market flow. There are some areas that are technically apt for group of dealers. The system uses the most effective methods and formulas to help the dealers on trading and at the same time educate people using real statistics and facts of binary options trading. Thus, they have use the term Nerd in their software name to indicate that this is not just a simple trading platform but it will educate you and provide true knowledge of binary options trading that users can copy. You just need to take time to learn the math that has been difficult to earn every day in the grind. According to them it can be learned and shared and the best thing is that it’s authentic.

To tell you the truth, this application is like other scam app that is trying to look legit but actually they are not. The educate thing are their unique way of attracting people. They want people think this is not a scam because they want users to learn more about trading before they can start copying how successful traders deal.

What? We have a software the studies the market flow? Where can I find that, please? *puts night goggles on* And no, please don’t get disinformed, you don’t need to get through our education to use the signals, that makes just no sense. The education is an add-on for our signal subscribers that want to learn to trade themeself, while our signals work on your account for you. Again, I would like to ask our expert Sarah where she got our app from?

Sarah Lawson, who had too much time on her hands, as she is 88 now and no longer active as actress, put 3 evidences together that shall proof The Binary Nerd is a scam. Let’s take a look at them

1First Evidence –
Unknown Developer

People would be interested to know who the genius behind this app is. But upon checking they have forgotten to mention the name of its developers. It is an indication that The Binary Nerd is scam. It is not normal for an app that claims to help you become rich through trading forgot to mention the name of those behind it. Most expert traders check on the reliability of app owner or developer before trusting them. It looks like this system is just like other scam applications who won’t reveal their real identity so that people would not know whom to sue or pursue. We suggest particularly the new traders never trust a platform with unknown developers.

This is truly an hitting argument, The Binary Nerd is a scam as the developer of their app is not named. Problem is only that we don’t have an app. So which developer should we name? A classical philosophic problem. Sarah, your advice please – we would love to do better. Maybe we could put the name of an movie actor?

2Second Evidence –
Fake Successful Traders

Here Sarah states a name of a forum user is needed so people can google the success of the trader. Ok. Do we need to say more about it?

3 Third Evidence –
No Proof of Success

Sarah, why don’t you do your homework? Mummy will be angry with you. Directly on the homepage we recommend to watch over at trade4me for our live trades and 3rd party verified stats. It is all public, all there for you.

Sarah’s ingenious conclusion:

This comprehensive review proves that The Binary Nerd is scam, this system is nothing but a fraud. Software without mentioning the name of the developers or CEO is very suspicious and definitely a sign that it is a fraud app. Not providing results, name of successful traders and testimonials are a clear sign this software is only after your money.

Again no software here to sell, so no developer. Results are given, the successful trader is well known and we don’t need to plaster our beautiful site with fake reviews like all the others do. Only a Sarah would believe those reviews, why does she cry for it so hard – oh yes she had to get the 900 words full, for what she has been paid for.

As note to the hater: Next time invest more than a fiverr for the content, as it fires back and delivers only enjoyment to us. 2 x 900 word article you bought for us? At least make the 1000 full next time, so we have more to laugh.

There are so many more tries, that it tires a bit to list them all. We can gather a few more posts together if this topic is from interest for you, if you just want to make sure you are not falling for a scam when starting with Th Binary Nerd, this should have been enough. People, the binary options industry is a shady place, people do everythig for a comission, so just don’t believe all the sites you see. Always keep your mind on analytic mode on! Good luck!

Image credits header graphic elements: Designed by Freepik

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