Fox Binary Signals Review (incl. Coupon Code for 2 free weeks of Autotrading)


Today we will discuss Fox Binary Signals which imo is one of the best signal services around for binary options traders. Many Binary Signal Services just don’t have any level of transparency I can trust enough to recommend for others. Many signal providers if not deceptive are outright scams. Lucky enough if you trade binary options and want a binary options autotrading signal service then Fox might be perfect for you and we give you a coupon code at the end of this post, for testing it for free for two weeks of autotrading Fox Binary Options Signals. Don’t believe us, just test the signals with the coupon code on your demo account.
The above video says it all yet let me point out the main features I like about Fox Binary Signals.

1) Multiple Signal Streams { High Probability * High Probability (2x Reentry) & Medium Probability. } This gives you a wide array of possibilities and even though I would recommend you use High Probability for best results in Auto-trading the others I like to watch like indicators for alerts of possible trade setups of interest.

2) Real Time reporting of results { As you can see by the above picture you can see the outcomes of the different streams realtime as the trades occur. They even have a countdown clock that shows the current live trade entries counting down to expiry in the circular countdown format, which I love to watch.

3) Multiple ways to trade and receive the signals { You have the Auto-trader through several different brokers. The mobile Apps you can use with your phone or tablets and you have the web browser dashboard you can access through your computer.

4) Consistent trading results { I would say this is where they shine *noted above. They are very consistent with their binary options trading in a profitable rinse and repeat manner. I have only seen a few red months with their service. Mainly in the summer where due to seasonality most traders do poorly with the banks/institutions on the sidelines during the vacation/holiday season. Also they seem to not be affected much but the other seasonally slow period during the winter period adding additional robustness to their consistency.

5) Honest transparency { You can see the results in myfxbook which really does not translate well for binary options, yet still is somewhat reflective of their overall consistency. Unlike other services I have never heard any complaints of results tampering which is super important to us as traders. We want Binary Options Signals that we can trust above all. Nobody can win all the time but at least honest people will show the good and bad of their trading in a transparent format so those interested can decide for themselves with out being deceived with false stats. For the best transparency possible, please go ahead and use our Fox Binary Signals coupon code for 2 free weeks of their autotrader and run their High Prob Signals on your demo account. Best prior checkup possible.

To summarize Fox Binary Signals, they are a shining light in an all to bleak industry of corrupt non trader centric ideals. Good traders care about trading, the money is a byproduct of this and not the other way around. If you want a stable consistent signal service that includes passive Auto-Trading, Fox Binary Signals is your go to provider. Also make sure to take advantage of the 2 FREE week autotrader trial coupon code below.  As always, STAY NERDY! 
use promo code “BINARYNERD” for 2 free weeks!

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  1. Fox binairy signals trades with broker GOmarkets using Metatrader
    If you use with them on autotrade, different trade will happen and perhaps also different result…
    example: live-signals page(Gomarkets) : 03/03 01:55:03 entry: 114.174,
    close 114.227
    On : 03/03 01:55:08
    entry: 114.182, close 114.220
    Result on both brokers :win : this time…….

    On myfxbook GOmarkets demo(10okt 16- 3 march): winrate:66%
    real (15jan -3 march) winrate :71%
    Not 80-90% .., only when reentry are won with recommended double first
    trade size ?

    • Dear Hansch,

      Are you talking about different prices with a difference of only 0.8 pips on the entry and 0.7 pips on close? Of course Binary maybe use different price references, or maybe is caused by a delay on your platform execution, etc. but don’t worry, with this little difference you’ll not have problems with the results. The active users are very happy with it! 🙂

      Please, check our gain on a REAL account verified by mfxbook using Autotrading: 100% gain only this year with investments of 40€ and 90€. That’s all. Do you need more proof? We’re the first verified Binary Options Signals provider.

      About win rate:
      We explain on the website our trading method, based on a price reversals approximation. We can use two trades to win a signal. If we lost the first one, we invest immediately with double amount. Check some example on our results page (

      It’s why the real percentage of WINNER signals it’s not the same on myfxbook. If we lost the first, and win the signals with a REENTRY, this operation generate profit. For us, is a won signal. And for the moment, we have more than 86% of winner signals. It’s why we have an accumulated gain of 367% for one year.

      Best regards!
      Fox Binary Signals Team