The ALGOs I often refer to are the blocks of time I expect institutional computers to overwhelm buyers/sellers and take control of the price for a given block of time. gold-algo-tradeExample to the right: gold for 13 minutes was a buy as buyers come in around 47 after till 7am to take control of the buying. From there I draw the likely box point calculations which often will represent visual points such as prior support/resistance or a median average of the market geometry in a given period of time. These are all done through a bridge connected to interbank liquidity providers and has a good deal of depth. All calculations are computed on several spreadsheets, the primary being the TIME BLOCK calculations and the secondary being the ARC calculations. Arc calculations are for the likely freedom of movement, the greater the calculation the more likely the price will have end to end movement inside of the blocks of time, which often leads to a greater win rate. These spreadsheets are my own mad scientist’s viewpoint of the market and to the outside person watching can be thought of as Nostradamus/Miss Cleo/Voodoo but in reality they are just very advanced math applied to the market in adhering to the statistics. This maybe unseen still it is very present in the daily forces of chaos that we trade in the binary options space, with TIME being the PRIME. Expect win rates to average weekly between 60-80% and the mean often between 68-72%.

The Video above is an example of my ALGOs which btw are ROCKET SCIENCE with trading Binary Options. I will feature these Signals as ALGOBOT on my SIGNAL NERDS service. Please look in the sidebar to the right to consider the current win rates.

Trading Times: 10:00 AM to 14:00 PM GMT
Traded Assets: All Major Pairs